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How to quickly open code editor from console on Windows / Linux and Mac

Windows developers who were using IDE like Visual Studio you may need not depend on console and those tricky commands either. As you notice all modern languages and packages come with handy command line tools.

In fact you can directly open your favorite editor like VS code or atom using the command,s it is possible because of the environment variable which is set while installing your app.

In Linux everything can be run from both world. For example , we can open markdown file in Linux with Typora using following

typora readme.md

Back to Flutter we can run he following Flutter command ( on Windows/Linux and Mac)

flutter create myapp
cd myapp
code .

Which will automatically open the code editor { VS Code } and open the current directory.

How to install Visual Code on openSUSe Linux

I have noticed that the VSCode installer always end up with error in OpenSuse TumbleWeed edition. Here is my alternative solution to the problem.

Launch your console and issue the following

curl -sSL -o code.tar.gz https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=620884
sudo mkdir -p /opt/code && sudo tar zxf code.tar.gz -C /opt/code --strip-components=1
sudo ln -sf /opt/code/code /usr/local/bin

This will install VS Code on Suse , in case it didn’t update repository and try install again by using following code

sudo zpper refresh
sudeo zypper install code

Create Install script

We can create a intall.sh script to install the app. Add those three lines of scripts to the file.

It also require that , the files has permission to execute the file. Set the file permission using

chmode +x install.sh

Now we are ready to run the file by running the ./install.sh command.