How to create ant row design for Reactjs

We are already learn how can utilize the antd for a Reactjs projects. Let’ quickly design a rows with columns ( a grid design) using the easy to use customize UI provided by Ant Design .

Go to Ant Row documentation , adjust the gutters and column count and click the copy code icon and past it where ever you need them.

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Ant layout for Reactjs apps

Ant Design is a UI Kit for developing beautiful web app and it is the second most popular one, it is just like Bootstrap we are familiar. In fact many apps have using multiple UI kits, there are plenty of UI kit available.

Install antd

Using Layouts we can create a skeleton structure of the app, which includes header, footer and content section. For using them in our React app, install the package using

npm i antd

Import Ant Design components

In our app.js we need to import the package extract the header,content,footer objects and also the css for beautify the objects as follows.

import { Layout} from "antd";
import "antd/dist/antd.css";
const { Header, Content, Footer } = Layout;

Create app layout

We have everything we needed, the Header,content,Footer components , Lets organize our app layout in app.js file of React app,

<Layout className="layout" style={{ background: "##f759ab" }}>
        Your custom header components here
      <Content style={{ padding: "0 15px" }}>
      <Route path="/about" exact component={AboutUs} />
        You can place more routes/content here 

      <Footer style={{ textAlign: "center" }}>
        space for custom footer component

That is the basics of the antd, explore more on he Ant for Reactjs

Following ant design posts deserve good read