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Syntax Error INSERT INTO Statement – ADO.Net Solved

This is a common error occurred during the database operation in ADO.Net. The cause for this error is the column name matches some reserved words. To solve this issue suffix and prefix with “] and [” in column names.

Command object

If you are using command object use the following method in the insert statement.

OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand(“insert into acgroup(gname,parent,[note]) values(‘” + gname + “‘,'” + gparent + “‘,'” + gdescription + “‘” + “)”, Globals.con);

here ‘note’ cause the error.

Dataset and Command builder

If you are using dataset, adapter and command builder to insert records, use command builder Quickfix method to solve the issue as follows

dr = Globals.GroupDataSet.Tables[0].NewRow();
dr[“gname”] = gname;
dr[“parent”] = gparent;
dr[“note”] = gdescription;
Globals.cmdbuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(Globals.GroupAdapter);
Globals.cmdbuilder.QuotePrefix = “[“;
Globals.cmdbuilder.QuoteSuffix = “]”;
Globals.GroupAdapter.InsertCommand = Globals.cmdbuilder.GetInsertCommand();
int stat = Globals.GroupAdapter.Update(Globals.GroupDataSet.Tables[0]);
if (stat > 0)
MessageBox.Show(“Group Information saved”);

How to delete rows using simple sql statement in C#

As we have seen how to delete rows in a dataset  in C#.Net, there are simple ways to do the same using SQL command object. All we need is an sql statement and an Object to do the job.

con.open();Common.cmd = new SqlCommand("delete from purchasepart where billno=" + b1, Common.con);


cmd object configure the delete statement and call the ExecuteNonQuery() , and will delete those rows you are specified. Keep in mind that the connection should kept open while the ExecuteNonQuery(); method invoked.