List category posts in WordPress

I have went through a beautiful Jetpack plugin, display-posts, in case you miss them here is the  posts I recommend.

Category Post

What is category post ? Post that are composed in specific category is called category posts. All posts are category posts. 

How do we list them ? 

Using display-posts we can make a list of posts. So let’s build a list with short code

display-posts category="Python"
[above lines here]

The above short code can place any where in the content area which list Category posts lies under Python


Display post inside another post/Page in WordPress

We have learned so far how to use listing projects with short codes , with content, excerpts, image and lots of customization. If you ever miss them here it is

Post inside a Post

Place a post inside another post or page.  Sound crazy ? You can do this with Display-posts plugin which can be used as short code .

Do you know that you can place short code  not only in  short code block but also a paragraph block or in classic editor  as [ short code here].

First we have to find the post ID ( each WP post comes with unique post id, you can find them in posts by pointing the post title, in the status bars it will show as post=2005)  , since we need a single post and use it in short code as follows.

As we all know short code appear inside of opening( [ ) and closing (]) square brackets.

Short code
display-posts id=2419 include_content=true
[ short code here ]
display-posts – Example

Using the id  we can specify the post ids, in case of multiple post separate with comma (,) , also want to show content after the title , so used the include_content option which is by default set to false.  


Display random projects using short code block in WordPress

We have seen how to use short code to play with portfolio projects, I have few more posts in this category.

How about a random wise project list , in a page or post, which changes the order each time load. A customization of short code will make it possible

portfolio showposts=3 orderby=rand

You can specify number columns using columns parameter and number of posts using showposts parameter

  • display_types: display Project Types – displayed by default. (true/false)
  • display_tags: display Project Tag – displayed by default. (true/false)
  • display_content: display project content – displayed by default. (true/false)
  • display_author: display project author name – hidden by default. (true/false)
  • include_type: display specific Project Types. Defaults to all. (comma-separated list of Project Type slugs)
  • include_tag: display specific Project Tags. Defaults to all. (comma-separated list of Project Tag slugs)
  • columns: number of columns in shortcode. Defaults to 2. (number, 1-6)
  • showposts: number of projects to display. Defaults to all. (number)
  • order: display projects in ascending or descending order. Defaults to ASC for sorting in ascending order, but you can reverse the order by using DESC to display projects in descending order instead. (ASC/DESC)
  • orderby: sort projects by different criteria, including author name, project title, and even rand to display in a random order. Defaults to sorting by date. (author, date, title, rand)

How to add to post/page

  • Add a short code block
  • Add the customized portfolio code [Above]
  • Preview and Publish changes

More on WordPress and Short Code

Organize Portfolio projects in WordPress as Page

Portfolios area great ways to show case your projects in a blog. You can include them into separate menu [Projects].

How about organize the whole projects into a static page. Every time you add a project, it should update automatically, sound good ,isn’t it?

  • Create Static Page whatever block you want to use, go head. Have a clear design and description of your page with skills set.
  • Add a Short Code block after the details section and add the following short code into the block


The page will be automatically added to the Menu section or you can add the page menu using Customize design option from your admin menu.

Now every time you add a project it will added to the portfolio project page by short code.

Here is example of portfolio page , my projects