How to migrate MS Access database to MS SQL Server 2005 or later

Wanna migrating Access database to MS SQL Server? You have two options; programmatically deal the transaction with the new database or use Microsoft SQL  Server Migration Assistant for Access and migrate the database directly to a newly created database to SQL Server 2005 or later versions


Before starting with MSSQLMA Note the following

  1. Prepare your database
  2. Check your Access database version, whether it is 32 or 64 database. If it is 32 make sure that you run 32 version of MSSQLMA which can be found under Microsoft SQL  Server Migration Assistant for Access folder.
  3. There are different versions of MSSQLMA available for different versions of the Access database.

Download Migration Assistant for Windows

Use the following link to download the free Migration Assistant from Microsoft official website.

v5.3 v6.0 , v7.8

Start Migration

Use Migration Wizard to add database and convert, load and migrate functions to finish the process.


Sometimes you may need to convert your access database to 97/2000 format for easy migration otherwise it will end up with a bunch of errors.

Run appropriate versions of Migration Assistant