Howto start a new activity in Android Studio

Activity in Android studio represent a Window, where you can dispplay controls and handle data etc. You can start as many form/activity the project requires. Just add a new Activity and do the following

Here we goes

  • Create a Intenet object, the first parameter will be the package or Main activity and the second will be the new new activity class
  • Call the startActivity method


Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, NewActivity.class);

Note: Can also possible to run as many activity with in a activity using the concept Fragment (Learn More about Fragments )
I hope this will help you

How to create ListView with CustomAdapter in Android Studio

Default ListView layout let you display single piece of information while a customised list view layout let you design your own components. All you need is a separate layout file


and a adaptor which extends BaseAdpter or ArrayAdapter. Continue reading How to create ListView with CustomAdapter in Android Studio