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flask-gentelella : A beautiful admin bootstrap for pythoners

Gentelella is a free to use bootstrap admin template for developing Python Flask web app, with custom Ajax libraries which includes variety of chart scripts like eChart, Morris Chart etc.

It packed with all must have AJAX and CSS libraries for a Python Web Geek

The bootstrap is also a ready to use flask app, all you need to do is customize the custom script. The app uses blueprint to organize flask routes, which is automatically created based on based on modules.

You can develop database powered app with less pain in few hours with this awesome bootstrap from Colorlib.

Clone and start using the project today

git clone https://github.com/afourmy/flask-gentelella.git
cd flask-gentelella

For instruction and the bootstrap project please visit GitHub page

Have a look at my demo app hosted on heroku.com which is not using any database, it depends on simple json API

Pyboard for covid-19 status

Pyboardc19 is my leisure time project, I was start working one week ago now it is hosted on Heroku.com.

The dashboard offer live update for all Indian state and for rest of the world in the upcoming updates.

This is a minimal Flask,Python project, all the data which is source of the report is coming from official IndianCovid19 API as json file.

I also used bootstrap template, morris chart morrischart library, echart for this project.

Pyboard app Python  project
iPyboard App

Please share and comment. The project will be soon available on my GitHub Profile, so that you can use it for create your own.

Thanks to awesome bootstrap template from Colorlib.

Escape: I want to include more countries to dashboard, if you don’t mind please share json API

Thank you