flask-gentelella : A beautiful admin bootstrap for pythoners

Gentelella is a free to use bootstrap admin template for developing Python Flask web app, with custom Ajax libraries which includes variety of chart scripts like eChart, Morris Chart etc.

It packed with all must have AJAX and CSS libraries for a Python Web Geek

The bootstrap is also a ready to use flask app, all you need to do is customize the custom script. The app uses blueprint to organize flask routes, which is automatically created based on based on modules.

You can develop database powered app with less pain in few hours with this awesome bootstrap from Colorlib.

Clone and start using the project today

git clone https://github.com/afourmy/flask-gentelella.git
cd flask-gentelella

For instruction and the bootstrap project please visit GitHub page

Have a look at my demo app hosted on heroku.com which is not using any database, it depends on simple json API

Pass variables to other templates in Flask

Flask is one of my Python frame work in which I build simple web application with ease and peace. Today we learn how to pass a variables to other templates in a Flask application.

Suppose your web app have a base template and a top nav bar template which included using

{% include "site_template/top_navigation.html" %}

and you want to pass a title or something else from a Index page to navigation bar where you want show up some text.

Using {% set %} you can create global variables.

The solution

We can use a set block in top of the index page as follows ,to pass variables to other sub templates

{% set mytitle=title %}

In the route it will look like

return render_template('index.html',  title=title)

and in the nav bar page we can use as mytitle as variable using

<div id="site_title"><h2  >{{ mytitle}} </h2></div>

If you had doubt and suggestion please leave a comment

Build a Flask-Python web App

Building a dynamic website made so easy with Python -Flask, a Micro FrameWork which helps us to create the websites like Twitter and even more. Forget about the complicated web programming languages, start learning Python. So where you start, Python or Flask ?. I should say, you have to learn basics of how Python first, just have a look at Python.org


Which IDE I should choose? IDE helps you to write, compile, build programs. Pycharm is a good choice, Visual Studio also had added the feature for Python programmers in their 2013 edition onwards. You can Google it for more options. I Prefer Pycharm.

Flask and Web, How it works?

Flask arranges web pages as basic URL or routes.  Let’s take a look at the Pycharm App code.

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)

def hello_world():
return ‘Hello World!’

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

When the Index page is loaded the @app.route(‘/’) will be fired with an initial page. You can create as much as routes you want to say ‘/blog’, ‘/news/ etc.