Podcast WP blog in a minute

Is that so easy to publish your own podcast ? It may require recording some awesome content and then push it to the web. Is there any better ways to do that ?

Anchor and WordPress

Anchor will help you to publish podcast, you can record your own or simply convert the WordPress post into listenable and add links to WordPress posts too. We can choose what ever post we want to be and there is an option for monetization.

Traffic that matters

Anchor is not only help me to publish podcast of my post but also increase the popularity of the blog too. In effect it the traffic will boom. So try it out

Here is a sample PODCAST

Quasar UI framework for Vue Developer blog

This episode is also available as a blog post: https://developerm.dev/2021/03/22/quasar-ui-framework-for-vue/
  1. Quasar UI framework for Vue
  2. MobaXterm SSH client for Raspberry pi
  3. Vuex store ?
  4. How to Modules in Vuex
  5. Redirect a route in Vue router