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Opensource Projects and samples

Express-Node-Sequelize-API (Todo)

This is a Nodejs project for creating RESTful API for performing CURD operations. The API is created in JS (sequelize ORM) and Express framework. The project is available under different database environment, such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite can be used for any project without any permission and it is Opensource.

Denodb ORM examples

Deno is an exceptional platform for new generation JavaScript application development, and it is in early stage. The following projects uses denodb, an opensource ORM built for creating RESTful API for performing CURD operations.

DenoDB supports MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite .I hope these simple API examples help you learn Deno on the go

Python bots for fun

These Python scripts are made for fun. Namely they are meant to automate picture download from , and The project utilized the Selenium drive. You can explore these project.

Angular Form examples

These are my fresh angular series of project features in upcoming tutorials. In this , covered Regular forms ( Template Driven Form) and Reactive form using Model, formGroup, formControl and form Builder example. I hope this will enable new comers to quickly learn form operations. I also use an Express API which is on the first entry in this page.

More codes and snippets coming soon. Leave comments and suggestions

Vuejs- Task app

Vuejs Task app is a simple app using TS component, Vuex store and Vuetify material UI. The UI consist of Dialog, Snack bar , app bar and a drawer.

Download Vue Task Manager Source

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