A Flutter – Firestore application that will run on Android and iOS. Users can add item to the shopping cart and mark items as finished when purchase complete by sliding item to right side also can remove item by sliding to left. So the second user can see what shopper guy purchased for him and what else remain on his list. This is a simple live data example.

IDE and Packages

This project used Android Studio for coding and design and also utilized following flutter packages

toggle_switch: "^0.1.8"
cool_alert: ^1.0.1
firebase_core: "^0.5.2"
cloud_firestore: "^0.14.3"


I hope this project help someone to learn Flutter basics, complete source can be found at my repo

Flutter Project Planner

This is a Flutter-Dart Android/iOS application for managing projects/jobs across devices. The application designed to use as offline application and it can work online by Syncing the data to the cloud. The following are key feature of this project.

Screen shots

  • Store data locally
  • Sync Data to Cloud
  • Backup from Cloud
  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Install Backup offline

To make all these I have used cutting edge technologies alone with conventional techniques. Following are the key modules which drive this project awesome.

  • Flutter – Dart
  • Hivedb – No SQL
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Android Studio IDE

Flutter Packages and dependencies

Following dependencies also done a great job for me. Thanks to pub.dev community

  • Hive
  • folding cell
  • toogle_switch
  • mongo_dart
  • curved_navigation_bar