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Unsplash.com is a website which provide stock free professional like images from artists, photographers across the glob. The Unsplashbot project is meant to use those resources which offered by the website.

Using this module python users can simply search download images they want with two lines code.

This is a beautiful python package with selenium scripts to automate downloading of free stock images/videos from Unsplash.com, for fun, design and productivity. 

  • Language : Python
  • Packages used : Selenium, Webdriver_Manager

How to use

Import the module and use in a python script. The module can be cloned into your local system using git

git clone http://github.com/manojap/unsplashbot.git

and then import the module into your script like

from unsplashbot import unsplash


Which will automatically search and download images from Unsplash.com

Use pip instead of git clone

If you need not use source just use Python Package Index to install unsplashbot

pip install unsplashbot

The complete documentation can be found on Github Repository.

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