Book Keeper : Minimal Accounting package

Book Keeper is a minimal accounting pack project with C# WPF and Microsoft Access DB.

About the project

This project is written in C# language with WPF (xaml), following modules and features are utilized for this projects.

  • Microsoft Access DB
  • OLEDB Connection
  • Microsoft Office Word Template for Report design
  • Model-Model-View pattern
  • Observable collection, Observable Dictionary, iNotified Interface
  • Isolated Database classes
  • Modelview Based Reports
  • Data Binded Listview, Datagrid
  • Proprietary libraries for Reports ( PDF,XPS,WORD conversion)

The BK let user record transactions using Receipt, Payment and Journal entries and manipulate various reports. The report collection is dynamically updated as the user record transactions by using Observable Collections and binding features.

Source Code

The source code of the project is available for the community check out the GitHub Repo


The application can be downloaded from the product page for free there is no license fee is required to use this product.

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