Default Printer Fix on Windows

There will be occasions when you can’t set the printer as default in Windows OSs. This will require some registry fix as we know. The MPrinter Utility will help you to the solve the issue with a single click.

Printer Utility

You can look at my portfolio project for source and the installation package

How to change default storage in Windows 10

By default Windows 10 will store your Documents/Pictures /Music /Video on default drive, that user/libraries. Usually it will be on Windows’s installation drive, C:\.

But Windows 10 let you move the storage location in a new desired drive.

For changing the default location of the new Documents you will create in future, go to Start- Settings – System – Storage and change the Document drive C to a desired drive.

Windows will automatically create a user folder with document sub folder for keeping your new documents.
Next time you hit Ctrl + S / Save button on MS Word it will automatically locate the new Document folder.

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