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Create app launcher in Fedora

Fedora Linux is not meant for everyone, it is for developers and those who love to learn developing. You can add application using neat GUI or use dnf[treminal] to search and install packages you needed.

Some ventors supplies tar file which require manually run from terminal. For convenience you can create launchers for them, so that you can run them as regular applications.

Desktop Entries

Desktop entries are responsible for showing application menus under differrnt categories. My Fedora uses GNOME desktop which has Activities menu, shows favourietes and menus

Where should I place applications files

I recomment you should place application files on usr/share, you need to extract the tar/zip files on home folder then move to the share folder using following way In this example we have Typora Markdown Editor, extract the file and open terminal and issue following command

sudo mv Typora-linux-x64 /usr/share

This will place the typora file to the share folder, you can’t directly place or copy without sudo command in /share or application files

Desktop Entry format

[Desktop Entry]
	Name=FooCorp Painter Pro

For more options and guides for desktop entry visit GNOME Guide

Create Desktop Entry and move it to applications folder

create a Text file with named typora.desktopentry with following content

 [Desktop Entry]
Comment=A sample Markdown Editor
Exec=/usr/share/Typora-linux-x64/Typora %f 

Let’s move it to the /usr/share/applications/

sudo mv Ttypora.desktopentry /usr/share/applications

Now check the menu for the entry, I additionally added a image file for use as icon

How to Install Pinegrow on Fedora/Linux

Pinegrow Web Editor

alter text

Pinegrow is a easy to use web editor which help designers quickly develop and deploy web desines. It is tool for developers and designers as well. The software come with 30 days trial and after that you can buy a copy.

Using Pinegrow on Linux

Pine grow can be installed on Windows/Mac/Linux. In Linux you no need to install instead you use binary file to execute.

Follow these steps to install Pine grow on Linux.

  • Download Pinegrow for Linux Zip file
  • Extract the files
  • Make sure the PinegrowLibrary File is executable
chmmod +x PinegrowLibrary

Execute the file by using


and it will launch the Pinegrow

Infact you can extent the trial period unlimted by moving the system date backaward.