C#.Net is a powerful language capable of perform all OOP actions in blazing fast. Visual Studio offers many language tools along with Python, F# and C#.

With C# we can develop web apps along with ASP.Net, Windows Apps and WPF apps which offer much more freedom for elaborate design of UI.

WPF -Windows Presentation Framework

I have more post on WPF development than Winform apps. The following list of post may help you trouble shoot your code and learn quickly how to do thing on C#.Net[WPF] project.

Projects and source

Here is some of my community projects for young minds. Most of them come with source and even you can locate my repository with detailed documentation.

Book Keeper : Minimal Accounting package

A C# WPF Windows application project which keep track of daily financial transactions powered by Microsoft Office package.

More to explore

Feel free to explore my Github Repository and Gits.