Book Keeper – FAQ


A minimal accounting package

This is BK accounting package FAQ, explore the features of this application and learn how to use it.


Before go through make sure you had checked the requirement section. Firstly download the package and install the apps.

Create your account

The Database Setup

When you start up your Book Keeper for first time, you need to create a database. Choose your SQL Instance and then name your database and click the Datbase icon and Save the account.

Check Databases Error

You need to make sure that the database is up to date. We provide a tool to fix missing columns and tables. Make sure you had activated the tool from Tools – Check for Error.

Now your database is ready

Company information

Next step is to furnish company information. Configure-Company Settings which bring you following screen.

enter your details and Save.

Create Necessary Groups/Accounts and data folders

It is necessary that Book Keeper make necessary folders and data structs for you, it includes accounting groups,common accounts etc. To do this click the magic want icon from the tool bar.

Note that , all of the reports generated by BK will be placed on Document folder.

Changing Time

You can change time of your application without changing the system data. It also help you to see particular dates DayBook or any report. It is also helpful when you want to post entries for a past date.

Change Date

To change a date click the date from the status bar which will bring you the windows.

Book Keeper use Keystroke to facilitate easy posting . So use enter key to move to next box.


Basic Entries or Posting

Book Keeper come with three basic entries, namely Journal, Receipt,Payment vouchers.


Using the Journal you can post adjustment entries such as sales/Purchase following picture will explain that.

The above journal says to the Book Keeper , the Sales A/c had sold goods worth 15000.00 to the account MANI. In such a way you can post almost anything.


You can also specify a Journal invoice in order to keep track of payment/receipt on invoice vice bills.

Book Keeper allows you to export vouchers into three format namely, Word,PDF and XPS.


Receipts post record income mostly, you can also post income to other accounts too. When you choose an account the balance will shown on the account information box. If you selected a invoice the balance in that invoice should be in the information box.

Receipt with Invoice


Payment voucher is stands for posting all type of expenses you have. For bank transactions you have separate entry.

Payment Voucher


In all of the basic entry you have notice that there is an additional Task Window which stands for repeating entries. You can mark a entry repeating / recurring by Ticking Add To Task List Yes.

Clear the entry and it will be available on the Task list . Post the entry by double clicking it or optionally you can run the task from task master. All entries include Payroll Voucher,Bank entries have this Task feature.


There are three registration entry Group,Account and Employ Registration. To post a new account you have register for a fresh account. Say Salary, which is income. You can specify the account group from the accounting group.

You can create new accounts from any entries , a button is always there for you. The newly created account will be automatically updated along all opened windows, that is one of the key feature of this application.

In General no need to create additional account if you wish you can create or change name account.

Accounting Reports

Accounting Reports includes day today transactions, Day Book, CashBook ,Group report and Trial balance [experimental feature].

All these reports can be exported to Word,Excel,PDF and XPS Formats. These are dynamic reports means that when ever you made a post the reports are automatically updated. All you have to do is just click the first button in the report to refresh the window.

Other reports includes entry reports, which also offer the same.

Setup a backup

To set a backup , you need to configure it from the database configuration menu. Specify the backup folder along with feasible drive letter and test the BackUp from the Tools Menu, surely you got a message.

Front Info Pannel

You have been noticed that at the bottom of the window a series of columns lines up, which offer quick information about whats going on.

It’s also capable of brings you today activity report. The green group is special group/accounts group which is shows all time balance while others are included only today’s.

How to create payable / receivable

Front Info panel also have Receivable and Payable section. You can make a group of accounts payable / receivable. To do this go to the Group registration and find a group by choosing a group from list, press enter and choose Category and Edit the group. Press the antenna button on the top row.

Any thing else just ask

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