Create a desktop version of Quasar-Vue app using Electron

Quasar is a UI frame work for developers who were developing web, desk and mobile friendly, responsive app with Vuejs.

With Quasar and Vuejs we can create beautiful Vue app in minutes, thank to the Quasar Frame work. It is easy to learn, I promise you, it didn’t take hours. (Read more about Vuejs).

Running the Desktop version

As you know Quasar app is a web app, it is not meant to desktop or mobile, but with the reactivity of components and controls , it can be much like a desktop app.

With the help of Electron we can build a version for desktop, no matter you are using Mac or Window.

To do this we need electron installed. Quasar CLI will automatically do it for us. For now just hit the terminal with the following command

quasar dev -m electron

This will create the electron project for your app and instantly build executable , also launch app, with developer tools enabled.

That’s all I have today

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