Quasar UI framework for Vue

Quasar is a UI frame work for developers who were developing web, desk and mobile friendly, responsive app with Vuejs.

It has rich set of web components (Plenty of them) which is reactive and will save development time. They also provide styling, spacing with directives.

All these component template samples can be easily copied to your vue project with ease, along with scripts.

How to use Quasar in Vuejs

The best option is to use the Quasar CLI and create a project with a default router.

$ yarn global add @quasar/cli
# or
$ npm install -g @quasar/cli

Create and run project

Using the CLI we can easily create and run project. In fact Quasar uses the Vue CLI to create the project and additionally add dependencies and other stuffs for you.

quasar create <folder_name>

By using the following command you can run the development version of the project. The complete script information can be found on the package.json config file. For now we stick with the dev command

quasar dev

and your app will open on a web browser. For more help visit the Quasar site

Following Quasar posts may help you explore further

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