redirecting multiple routes in Vuejs

Sometimes we would like to have same route with different name, such guide to FAQ, help, how-to etc. What should we do when want to redirect same route against a bunch of routes ?. Here the alias came into picture

alias can be used in our index route file to redirect a route / a set of route to specific route. The following example will clarify this

import Vue from "vue";
const routes = [
    path: "/",
    name: "Line",
    component: LineChart,
    // The redirect can also be targeting a named route:
    path: "/help",
    redirect: { name: 'About' }
    //redirect with aliad
    path: "/doughnut",
    name: "Doughnut",
    component: Doughnut,
    alias: ['/donut', '/dot']

const router = new VueRouter({

export default router;

In the above router configuration I have a route doughnut which shows the doughnut chart. All I want to different routes set to this route. we redirect /doughnut route to the /donut, /dot routes. As a result all the routes are working

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