How to add interface as props in Vuejs

This is another TypeScript post for Vuejs users. We had seen how to add props in TS, if you miss those, use the following links

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Interface is like structure for Object. We can declare custom types in our project as Interfaces which can be organized in a file and folder (best practice).

Here is our sample Interface, this will hold value for Task

export interface Task{
    id: number,
    title: string,
    isdone: boolean

Defining props as custom type

Using props as Object Vue let us use Interface as Type. We can’t do it directly, instead Vue provide PropType. Let me show

import Vue, { PropType } from "vue";
import { Task } from "@/Types";

const editProp = Vue.extend({
  props: {
    task: {
      type: Object as PropType<Task>,
export default class EditDialog extends editProp {

Using the PropType we specify the Interface/Type and that should work.

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