How to add props (JS) in Vuejs component

Props / properties area meant to display initial values on component and also meant to parent – child communication. So how to add a props to a new (JavaScript) Vuejs component ?

TypeScript have different solution for this, that is why I specify JS in title.


Here is an ideal component with one props, name. We can use the props section of the component to define use the name,default,required and other options, it is also possible to define multiple props.

  <div>{{ }}</div>

export default {
  data() {
    return {};
  props: { name: { type: String, default: "JS" } },
  methods: {},

<style lang="scss" scoped></style>


Lets import and use the component, place it in your template and specify the props value.

import New from "@/components/New.vue";

 <New name='Vue'/>
  components: {    

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