Forms and model in Vuejs

We have seen some of the basic operations in vuejs . Now move on to advanced area. In the following example we will learn how to process a form in Vue

We have a simple form component with two controls which has indeed three section template, Script and a Style.

<form @submit.prevent="createContent">
 <label for="newContent">
            placeholder="content here"
<Button > Save</button>

We have a very simple form with one text area and a button to save. I removed the styling elements for simplicity.

Bind the textarea

To bind the textarea we have to use v-model directive of vue , so that we can access the value.


Event handling

In the form tag , we can specify a event handler for the button click. To use a method as event handler for submit we can use @sumit=”<method>”, for a click event we have to use @click=”methodName”.

We also need to prevent the default form submission event which occurs when the use press enter key in the input field. For that we used submit.prevent

The Script

Everything behind the scene belongs to the script. Here we have to create the

  • property for binding model
  • method for event handling
export default { 
  name: "Form",
  created() {},
  data() {
  newContent= ''
  methods: {
    createContent() {
      if (this.newContent) {
        //code to handle the event

        // clear the field after sibmission
        this.newContent = ''

Now you know how to handle forms in vue, simple isn’t it ?

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