How to setup Vuejs

Vuejs is a super fast, performant JavaScript frame work for building application ( web and cross platform). It enable developers quickly develop apps with ease and peace. If you are familiar with Angularjs , the learning curve will be much faster.

How to get started ?

To start using Vuejs we need to install the Vue-cli

npm install -g @vue/cli @vue/cli-service-global
# or
yarn global add @vue/cli @vue/cli-service-global

New Project

To create a project we can utilize the UI method which open in the browser as localhost or a command line way.

vue create <project-name>

The above command will create a vue project. We can also achieve the same with UI method

vue ui

It will open the project page and can configure, manage dependencies, run and other features without using the CLI directly.

Run the project

Using the serve method can run the project from console or use the UI

vue serve -o 

You need not start the program every time it watch for changes and can use Ctrl+C to stop the server.

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