Angularjs component styling Part I

Styling using class attribute

You have been noticed that every Angularjs component has a component.css. This is where place all your SASS/CSS styling classes and ids. We can also use the inline style in your component.ts file, if you prefer ( as an array).

There are few methods/ways we can apply styling elements to components. One of the conventional way is to use the class attribute.

class attribute

In your app component.css file define a simple button class

.btn{    background-color:rgba(51, 134, 243, 0.986);    margin: 5px;    padding: 4px;    color: white;    border: 1px;    border-radius: 2px;  }

The second step is the apply the style to in component.html (your basic component template).

<button class="btn">OK</button>

That’s it. In the next post we will discuss about the Angular way.

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