Get start with Angularjs

Angularjs is a front end library for create beautiful interactive web application using Nodejs ( JavaScript). If you are familiar with Reactjs , may catch it faster. The initial setup for Angularjs require the following

  • NMP
  • Nodejs
  • Angular CLI
  • TypeScript

Angular used TypeScript, so better to learn some basics, almost everything in TS is same as JS does, with some changes. It is a superset of JS.

Angular CLI

Angular has its own way to dealing Project and components. So install the CLI first

npm install -g @angular/cli

This will install angular CLI on your system and ready for create your first project.

New Project

To create a new project in Angular us the ng new command.

ng new <project-name>

To run the project use either npm start or ng serve –open

New Component

To generate a component structure , we can use the CLI command ng g c <component-name>.

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