TypeScript easy setup for Node project

Type script has been #1 choice for developing JavaScript application. It is rich with its features and types. TS is a super set of Java Script.

Programmers first write app in typescript and compiler can covert it to superior vanilla JavaScript.

Node and Typescript

In Nodejs developers can write app with TS which require some basic setup. The following package should be installed before the setup

  • typescript
  • ts-node
  • @types/node
  • nodemon
npm install typescript ts-node @types/node nodemon --save

Generate tsconfig

TypeScript settings for Node can be configured using a file tsconfig.json. As we we generate the package.jos we can create the tsconfig with tsc command

npx tsc --init

The file will come with lots of setting most of them are commented . We need to focus on few settings.

Important settings

   "outDir": "./dist",                  
   "rootDir": "./src",  
   "strict": true,  
   "moduleResolution": "node",  

The above settings should be configured which need to specify the root directory and output directory where we place the converted/compiled JS code.

The file structure we used in dist folder will be same as src except file type will be .js

The package.json scripts

, a sample script will look like this

  "scripts": {
   "start": "node dist/app.js",
   "dev":"nodemon src/app.ts",
   "build": "tsc -p ."

configure your entry point script, it can be a app.js or index.js

Run , Action

Let’s run the script


This script will run the script, not generated the js files yet

yarn dev


This will generate the js files in Dist folder and ready to start

yarn build


yarn start

This script meant to run the js file from dist folder

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