How to read a text file in Deno

Deno is asynchronous JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. If you are not sure how and what’s of Deno, here is the links

Read a text file

Deno API allows developers to read files using readTextFile() which return a promise. A promise is similar to future in flutter, the result of the job will come in as a future.

You know that Deno is async by default, in the async world program continue working without interrupting other jobs.

const text = Deno.readTextFile("./data.json");
text.then((response) => console.log(response));

Here the text constant will return the resulted content in this operation.

To run this script yo may allow deno to use –allow-read permission.

deno run --allow-read maint.ts

All of my Deno projects will be published on my GitHub Repo, so keep watching.

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