Start a nginx app container in Docker

nginx is a docker image where you can run a local website. I have post regarding Docker, in case you need them.

What is a container ?

A container is consisting of copy of Docker Image and an app. You can create as many containers and start/stop/remove them and link them together. Lets create a nginx server.

Run the following code in case don’t have the nginx docker image in your computer.

docker pull nginx //download the image
docker images //list images

Crate a container

Let’s create container and run a sample web app

docker run --name myapp -t latest -d -p 8080:80 nginx:latest

This will run an nginx app on the local host port 8080 which is mapped to 80. To list all containers you can use either on of the command

Go to the browser and try http:///localhost:8080

Other commands

docker ps // list of containers
docker ps -a //stopped containers
docker container ls // list of containers

You can use the id/name to stop/start/remove the container.

docker stop 6ec62466d248  //stop container with id
docker start 6ec62466d248  //start container with id
docker rm    6ec62466d248  //remove the container with id

Wanna remove an image ? use docker rmi <image-id>

Other Docker posts you may interested in

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