Mongo with mongoose

How to create document using mongoose in express-node app

Mongoose is MongoDB driver module which provide REST features to build faster MongoDB apps with Nodejs.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database which store data as JSON document and collections. In JavaScript applications we can utilize the mongoose driver to perform Mongo operations. First up all we need to install mongoose to your project and then import the module.

npm install mongoose

Saving the document

mongoose uses the modal class to perform REST operations. If you are not familiar have a look at the mongoose modal post given below

tagName: tagNa}, function(error, stag) {
if (error) return handleError(error)
 console.log(new tag saved : ${stag.tagName});

The Tag is the Modal and the create method is used to save the document to database and it also use a callback function to return the result.

We can also use an asynchronous method find documents in Mongoose as follows

const tag=new Tag({tagName:'SQL'})

That’s it. Following mongoose posts deserve your attention

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