Command line music player for Linux

In this series of mini posts I will teach you a Linux lesson every day, it can be command , tricks , how to. The post will cover for beginner to advanced level. Welcome to Linux terminal.

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aplay and aplaymidi

aplay allows us to play music from a terminal window with options such as delaying setting frequencies etc . Check out aplay –help for complete list of supported formats.

We can set duration of the play using the –duration option. It can play on a selected device on a network. It works with ALSA audio driver.

Wanna play a MIDI file ? aplaymidi command will be at your service. A hardware MIDI device is required to play the MIDI file

Sample usage

The following command will play the mp3 form 30 seconds

alpay -d 30 -r2500hz jinglebell.mp3
aplay --help
alpaymidi -d 30  play.midi

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