How to make POST API request in Reactjs

We have already learn about how to make API calls in HTML using jQuery and AJAX , if you do miss the article here is the quick link to the posts.


React is a JavaScript UI library for building super responsive web application. We can connect React with Nodejs-Express API/ any API (already covered the API creation with Node-Express in the past tutorials, following links will be helpful for revisiting those posts)

Create API with Node-Express

POST API call with Axios

Axios is a NPM package which let you use API in react. To use axios we have to install the package and make API request.

npm i --save axios

A POST request is used to pass data to the server, for example register a new product to the inventory

onPublish(e) {
    const post = {
      title: this.state.title,
      content: this.state.content  
      .post("http://localhost:3005/post/create", post)
      .then((res) => console.log(
      .catch((error) => {

In the above code we have make call to the API end point post/create which will save the post to the server.

Following React API posts help you to build better React apps

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