Turn your TV into a computer using Raspberry pi

Merry Christmas to all . Here is my Christmas idea : Turn TV into a computer.

With HDMI port TV / monitor with HDMI / VGA port you can build a computer for kids or just for you with one of the following options

  • Pi 400
  • Manually setup Pi board

Pi 400

Pi 400 is a integrated key board with USB Ports, HDMI port and other necessary IO options. It cost around 7500 Rs / 101.85 $ . The keyboard itself contain a Raspberry computer board with inbuilt RAM and processor, capable of running powerful Pi OS.

Manually configure Pi

If you already had a good monitor, keyboard and mouse , you can assemble the Raspberry Pi board ( if you are familiar with computer hardware and Linux). Following is required for you

  • Micro SD card for OS
  • Power supply ( Mobile charger may fit for this purpose)
  • HDMI Cable / VGA to HDMI Converter
  • Monitor / TV
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or later
  • Cup of coffee / Christmas Cake

Please go through the steps carefully to setup the OS.

Raspberry Pi imager

Use Raspberry Pi imager to create SD Card image for Installation other options not recommended for first time users.

Connect keyboard,mouse,HDMI and Insert the SD card on the port below the board correctly and power on the Pi.

Then the Red light will power on and Green light blink ( means SD card is OK), go through the installation.

Finish the setup and you just setup the Pi computer.

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