How to load content into div using jQuery

With JQuery ( light weight, super Java Script library) we can handle events, dynamically add content to html blocks. Let’s learn how to add content to div using class id/class


jQuery can be placed in a file or with in HTML , I used to store them as file for easy access. It is a good practice include it in a document ready function, so that we can make sure the query will only execute only when the web page loading completed.

$(function () {
// code block here


In the HTML file very last line of the body (</body>) tag include the script as follows, also you need to include the CDN version or local version of jQuery library.

  <script src="/jquery.js"></script>  -- local version of jQuery library
  <script src="/public/script.js"></script>  -- our script

Adding the content

Adding the content to a div can be achieved

  • access the DOM element using id
  • Placing content using one of the following method
  1. append() – Inserts content at the end of the selected elements
  2. prepend() – Inserts content at the beginning of the selected elements
  3. after() – Inserts content after the selected elements
  4. before() – Inserts content before the selected elements

Here is the plan

  • Find the element using jQery function
  • Clear the content
  • Append the content
$(function () {
  var divEl=$("#content-area")
  divEl.appen('<p>I am a paragraph</p>')

Here the divEl.html(”) is used to clear the content. We can also use class to access the element in a HTML file by using $(‘className’)

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