Raspberry pi : A credit card sized computer

Raspberry pi is a single board computer with the size of credit card. Is it so powerful ? No.

These are the good reason to grab a pi

  • Low cost
  • Mini sized and easy to carry
  • It use less power

It is used for small projects and robotics learning. Does it has an OS ? Yes . Raspberry pi has pi OS which is Linux based or you can try a Ubuntu server/Desktop if you want.

It comes with different release, latest is Raspberry pi 4 and it cost around 57 $ / 4000 Rs and pi zero only cost less than 18 $ / 2000 Rs.

Starter Kit – minimal requirements

  • One 16 GB or More Micro SD Card
  • USB charger (Mobile charger does work)
  • HDMI supported monitor ( for set up) and HDMI Cable
  • Raspberry Pi 2/Pi 3/ Pi4

A Pi is perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Wanna know more about Pi here is the link

Programmers and Pi

For developers it can be used for test web application, creating cloud apps, setting web server, create a VPN and learning code etc.

Multiple Pi board can be used for making cluster computer which is capable of a perform super computing.

I have one Pi , do you ?

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