How to add SublimTex context menu to open file in Windows

SublimText editor is one of the coolest code editor I found, it is Mac favorite. When we install the software it as let us choose open with option, which let us open file with Sublim. How to configure this manually?

I found VS Code already included to the context menu. Let’s add the option to context menu using Windows Registry. (What is a Registry ? It keep track all the members(apps,settings etc) of the Windows).

This involves following step

  • Open Windows Registry
  • Find *\shell
  • Create new Key,value

Create New Keys,Value

Login as Admin and open Run dialog using Windows + R . Enter regedit in the Run windows. We have to find the */Shell key. The easiest way to do is type the following lines below the File menu.


Under the shell we have to create one new key and value with a command sub key as follows.

Open with Sublime Text
  • Create another Key under the Sublim Tex as command
  • Modify the command default value on the right panel as C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe “%1”

Now you can open a file in Sublim using the context menu.

* Please do all these with care. Don’t attempt to change any system related entries

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