How to install Ubuntu using Oracle Virtual Box

Virtual Box allow us to install and use OS (Mac/Windows/Linux) on your Machine as an application. It occupy separate filesystem in form folder/virtual disk.

You can move the Virtual Box file from one to another with ease and peace.

Virtual Box provide a safer way to try Linux on Mac/Windows. Let’s install Ubuntu on Virtual Machine


Install the Oracle Virtual Box and downloads ISO file of latest Ubuntu Linux. We also need at least GB RAM and 150 GM Free HDD/SSD space.

Create a new Virtual Machine

Follow the Wizard and Give appropriate Name and continue setup ( configure enough space and memory for apps, 120 GB is recommended), finish the setup.

The first step for the creation VM is finished here. No we have Installation machine.

Configure the source disk ,ISO file

In VM click the settings a > Storage > Click CD Icon and then from the left choose optical Drive, choose the the Ubuntu ISO location. Click OK to save the settings.

Run VM and Install

Run VM for the first time, it will take few minutes and brought you the Install Ubuntu Button , click the button and configure

Please take care to choose the following option

  • Configure Keyboard
  • Location
  • Choose Normal Installation *
  • Installation Type as Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu *
  • Click Continue
  • Create USER and go one

* These steps should use for the proper installation

It will take almost less than 15 minutes to complete the installation.

After installation restart the Ubuntu and it is yours and ISO file will be automatically removed from VM.

Now you can open Ubuntu like an application and can switch between Windows and Linux easily or even can save Linux sessions.

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