How to add performance boost to functional component in Reactjs

Perhaps you already learn what Pure Component stands for. Here is link to the post.

Components that render with change in Reactjs - Components that render only when a change is occurred in Reactjs

A pure component only render when the content changes even if the parent re-render all its components. In big data application this type of component produce performance boost. This is a class component only feature.

So what we do when some functional component need to be render with change? This what a Memo stands for.

Memo is functional component feature which can be added to a component as follows

import React from 'react'

function MemoComp({name}) {
   console.log('Rendering Memo Comp');
   return (
export default React.memo( MemoComp)

Using the memo keyword in export statement , we can specify the component as memo.

The above component only render for the first time when the component mounted and then it render when the name changes only.

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