How to pass function as props to another component in Reactjs

Every Reactjs components can communicate each other. Lets make a component talk with another. We can pass component member as props /property to another component, so that it can return a response

Here is a simple class component Guest with a class property greet, which is responsible for updating the component UI.

class Guest extends Component {
constructor(props) {
  this.state = {
    greetTxt: "",


//As a class property
greet=(greet)=> {
  this.setState({ greetTxt: greet });
render() {
  return (

        name="SPC International"


and in the Host component , it uses props to communicate with the function in Guest component. As a result the UI update when the Host event triggered.

Here is the Host Component declaration

import React from "react";

function Host(props) {
return (
      {}<p> </p>
    <button onClick={()=>props.greetGuest(`Welcome to ${}`)}>Greet</button>

export default Host;

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