Enable Flutter Web support on Windows

Flutter can be used to create web applications, which is possible by enabling the feature. Before that I would like recommend the basic flutter setup on Windows post.

Flutter setup for Windows

Flutter become popular cross platform development tool. Let’s Install Flutter in Windows. As a open source project, we can install the flutter SDK from GitHub.

The prerequisites

The minimum requirement for Flutter for Windows is Windows 10 or later . In order to clone the repository we have to use git. Also recommend to have Visual Code /Atom for editing the code.

Download and install the Git tool for windows

Clone the repository

Get the latest stable version from GitHub repository or alternatively can download from flutter site

git clone https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git -b stable --depth 1

Use the -b option to clone the stable version

Set the path variable

You also need to update the path variables

  • From the Start search bar, enter ‘env’ and select Edit environment variables for your account.
  • Under-User variables check if there is an entry called Path:
  • If the entry exists, append the full path to flutter\bin using ; as a separator from existing values.
  • If the entry doesn’t exist, create a new user variable named Path with the full path to flutter\bin as its value.

Call the Doctor

run Flutter doctor command to inspect status of your Flutter SDK and tools installed

Android IOS development

For Android you have to install the Android Studio for development tool support which can be download from official website.

Enable web feature

Before starting make sure you chrome/Edge installed on your system. Otherwise the feature may not work

For enabling the web feature we have to switch to the beta channel ( web feature is an experimental feature and official full support is not yet released)

flutter channel beta
flutter upgrade
flutter config --enable-web

Run the flutter doctor command again and then check the web feature is list or not by using

flutter devices

and it will list the web feature

Test Run

Flutter web app on Windows 10

Create sample Flutter project

flutter create myweb_app

run the app using flutter run command

flutter run -d chrome

For building the web we can use

flutter build web

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