Create class component in react

Create class component in react

Unlike functional component, class component in React have state which means they can update UI with new value / . Suppose you have <button> element which showing how many time I clicked, can dynamically update value.

Don’t know how to use a functional component ?, here the guide for you

Create React functional component - How to create a functional component in Reactjs web app

Lets create a simple class component with a message

import React,{Component} from "react";

class Message extends Component {
   constructor(props) {
   render() {
       return (
              Hi Mr.  <i>{}</i> how are you

export default Message

the App.js will look like

import logo from './logo.svg';
import Message from './components/Message'

function App() {
   return ( <div className = "App" >
<Message name="Ramesh"/>
<Message name='Tommy'/>

export default App;

The class don’t’ use the state here. I only show how to use props in class component. The props has been passed to the component using constructor, The super is used to pass the value to Component class. You also noticed that all component class are derived from type Component which is a React object.

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