Create Reactjs app in a 3 minute

Creating next one page web app with React is quiet easy. To get started with React we should have the following requirements.

  • Nodejs
  • A IDE, Visual Studio Code (recommended) or any editor of your choice
  • Internet connection
  • Chrome (browser)


create-react-app is a npm package for creating React project and file structure. We can install the package ,which is optional, using npm install -g create-react-app

We can start with a sample project either using npm or npx command.

npm int create-app < Project-Name >
npx create-react-app < Project Name >

I recommend the second method and need not to worry about dependencies or create-react-app package.

Running the project

To run the project use npm start on console from the project directory, start is a script which is configured in your package.json file. By running the command your chrome will automatically opened with localhost and showing the welcome screen of your app

Auto reloading

Do I need nodemon for auto reloading project ? . No react does it for us. It will update the UI whenever you made a change, it is an awesome UI library

No let’s try to make some change in App.js (try some HTML) and watch the result

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