Ultimate Tools for blissful writing

One of my favorite writing tool is WordPress classic post editor ( distraction free mode) , it lend me a hand to write something in a peaceful state of mind. Later WP introduced a much modern Block editor, I am font of it. WP is online and it will not enough for all of us, we need a simple offline tool. Yes there is editors like MS Doc or Open Office Doc and plenty of other premium quality Apple Write like tool. Is all these need for you ?. I don’t think so.

Block Editor annoyance

Recently I have some bitter taste with WP Block, the first thing happened few months back ,figure out my Drafts are disappeared and as a premium customer I have right to talk to them and they fix the issue, I already lost my long post, which I should reproduce. At the mean time everything is super fine with classic editor, nothing wrong.

The second issue keep happening during the composing and previewing of a post. When the first first draft was saved it was ok. Then second or third it will not save the post and says “Update failed” in read line . I reported the error several time and they don’t have a solution for this moment. It is hard to believe that they succeeded to fail!

WordPress App with Block Editor

I am enjoy writing on my laptop rather than using smart device, WP has recently added the full support for Block editor on the app, it is good to use with big screen devices or iPad.

Markdown and Typora : The offline companion

When I first used markdown it was a little bit difficult to under stand, but after I used it for documenting my project on GitHub, it was the coolest thing. All you need to learn how to add some code by placing ‘# for heading’ , * for italic ** for bold etc. Yes there is shortcut for all these , many of them are similar to existing editor shout cuts like Ctrl+B for bold.

Typora is one my favorite Markdown editor, it offer lots, Focus Mode,the typewriter mode ( for someone who love type writer mode, some old guys will do) and it has less tools compared to other word processor but simple rich UI. Don’t love the infinite white theme ? try Night theme instead. Typora is a free software and available all platform.

Focus Mode for blissfulness

In Focus mode (F8) we can focus on line and other lines will be dimmed automatically, this is the most loving feature of this editor. There are paragraph menu ,context menus, shortcuts, spelling and grammar check ( in context menu), outline panels,article panels and customizable preferences. Typora can export documents to other formats like PDF, docx, Epub etc.

For a WP post I first draft it on Typora and review it and can even past it to block editor without any single change. You can enable support for Markdown on WP classic editor un Writing (Settings).

Last word

Keep a regular backup of your offline documents to the cloud will keep us safe, so make back up to the cloud storage. Sync your copy with Apple Cloud /OneDrive/ Google Drive by placing documents inside the Sync Folder, it also enable use to access from anywhere option, so you can keep writing on the fly.

That’s all I have today. Enjoy writing

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