How to make a two way Dismissible ListView Items in Flutter

Two way sliding facilitate to add some quick action (hidden ) action to a listview. Flutter made it possible with Dismissible widget,  a built-in Widget come with Flutter.


A dismissible widget can have two way action, up or down / left or right sliding. When the user slide it will removes from the list. This widget is ideal for a listview in action.

Although the direction property allows to set six directions

  1. up
  2. down
  3. horizontal
  4. vertical
  5. start to end
  6. end to start


Using Background you can add two icons, for second action you need to add another background as second Background. Use a row to accompany some group of widget like Icon and image/Text/Icon. Make sure the Icon/Widget align properly.

                                  color: Colors.redAccent,
                                  child: Row(
                                    mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.end,
                                    children: [
                                        style: TextStyle(
                                            fontSize: 22, color: Colors.white),
                                        alignment: Alignment.centerRight,
                                        child: Icon(
                                          size: 60,


In the OnDismiss ( ) event listener you can write your quick action using beautiful dart code, which is responsible for removing the items from the list. I used HivBox instance for the list.

 onDismissed: (direction) {
                                  try {
                                    if (direction ==
                                        DismissDirection.endToStart) {
                                    } else if (direction ==
                                        DismissDirection.startToEnd) {
                                      project.projectStatus = "Finished";
                                      box.put(key, project);

                                  } on Exception catch (e) {
                                    // TODO

We are using direction property to identify the action and take necessary steps to update the list.



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