Display post inside another post/Page in WordPress

We have learned so far how to use listing projects with short codes , with content, excerpts, image and lots of customization. If you ever miss them here it is

Post inside a Post

Place a post inside another post or page.  Sound crazy ? You can do this with Display-posts plugin which can be used as short code .

Do you know that you can place short code  not only in  short code block but also a paragraph block or in classic editor  as [ short code here].

First we have to find the post ID ( each WP post comes with unique post id, you can find them in posts by pointing the post title, in the status bars it will show as post=2005)  , since we need a single post and use it in short code as follows.

As we all know short code appear inside of opening( [ ) and closing (]) square brackets.

Short code
display-posts id=2419 include_content=true
[ short code here ]
display-posts – Example

Using the id  we can specify the post ids, in case of multiple post separate with comma (,) , also want to show content after the title , so used the include_content option which is by default set to false.  


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