Use word template with Xceed.Docx

Xceed.Words.Net is a library for generating word file without using the office library. You need not to install the office for create word file from your C# application.

I have plenty of beautiful Microsoft template, which I used create reports. So what I need is to use those template with Xceed. The idea sound good, isn’t it.

Lets place all your templates inside folder, in your debug folder and use it in your Xceed code as follows

using (var document = Xceed.Words.NET.DocX.Create(fname))
 document.ApplyTemplate(@"doctemplates /CashLedger.dotx");
document.ReplaceText("[MyCompany]", ViewModels_Variables.ModelViews.CompanyProfile[0].company);
                    document.ReplaceText("[Clandmark]", " | " + ViewModels_Variables.ModelViews.CompanyProfile[0].lmark);
                    document.ReplaceText("[CCity]", " | " + ViewModels_Variables.ModelViews.CompanyProfile[0].place); 

My template folder simply named templates and use @”doctemplates /CashLedger.dotx” to locate the application path folder.

Here is a sample document template

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