Using pelican themes

Pelican is a Python based static site/webpage generator, which is famous among opensource and python lovers.

There are plenty of beautiful themes to style pelican blog site contributed by the awesome community, you can have a look at them @ pelican-themes.

Editor’s Picked themes

I have a hand picked themes for bloggers and for documenting projects

  1. Elegant
  2. Flex
  3. Iris
  4. lazystrap
  5. Pelican-clean-blog
  6. Peli-Kiera
  7. Photowall
  8. Tuxlite-tbs

When it come for blog I have Flex and Elegant in my mind. Elegant is my favorite, which is come with many features and good typography and it is good for blog, portfolio page etc.

How to get themes

You can clone the theme repository to you local machine or you can clone individual theme of your choice as follows

git clone

How to use themes in your project

To use themes in your project, create a folder named themes , inside the site folder where you can see content folder and place your theme folder inside it.

Now go to your / file and add the following line

THEME = 'themes/elegant'

Save changes and hit pelican content and pelican –listen

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A developer,teacher and a blogger obsessed with Python,Dart and open source world from India

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