Python Library Tips: date formatting

Date formatting

In Python you can format date string using following predefined strings ,

%y/%Y –Year %a/A –Week Day %b/B –Month and %d for day

The letter with lowercase (%y/Y%) gives you abbreviated values, say 20 for 2020, Thu for Thursday etc

>>> print( today.strftime("%y %b %a"))
20 Jun Thu
>>> print( today.strftime("%a,%d,%B,%y "))

Locale date

Some times your application may be consumed by people for different localities or people from different countries, of course the date and time will be different. Python allows you to format date and time according to locale settings.

>>> print(today.strftime("%c"))
Thu Jun 18 00:00:00 2020
>>> print(today.strftime("%x"))
>>> print(today.strftime("%X"))

Here %c stand for locale’s date and time , %x for locale’s time and %X for locale’s date

You can also use predefined string s for format time . %I/H for 12/24 Hour, %M for Minutes, %S for second and % p for locales’s AM/PM

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