‘Django’ was one of the popular Python framework, which can be used to create beautiful dynamic website from scratch. Write less and do more that is the frameworks mean to. You don’t need to start from the beginning, Django will take care of that.

How to get my copy of Django?

Well, it is a free framework free of cost, you can download and use Django 1.6.5 or later along with Python 3.3 or prior version on Windows/Linux/Mac or on almost any Computer OS.

Installing Django on Windows 7 and later

Make sure that you have latest Python version installed on your computer. You can download it from Extract the Django .Zip/.tar file, using Winzip or 7zip (preferably C:/, root directory).
Setting Python paths on windows will let you run it from any drive, learn how to.
Let’s install the Django, issue the following command using Power Shell or command prompt (Run->PowerShell).

C:/> CD django1.6.5
C:/>django1.6.5> Python install

And it will run the python script for installation. All file required will be automatically copied to the Python Lib\site-package folder securely. After the process you can safely delete the extracted folder from the C:\ drive.

Installing Django on Linux

On Linux you have prebuilt Python on it, so no need to install it separately. Just extract Django .tar file and run the setup script.
Verifying the Django installation

Run the following on Python prompt

>>> import django
>>> print (django.get_version())

Will result in displaying the current version as (if everything went right)

That’s all

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