How to configure Nox Emulator for Android Studio

Nox Player is one of the coolest Android Emulater for playing Android Games as well as for Application Developement and Testing.  You can use the Emulator to run app you are developing with Android Studio.2018-08-30_222153

  1. Download the Nox Player from the web and Install the software.[Make sure that you had installed graphics driver properly, otherwise the installation may fail].
  2. Start Nox Player, you can switch between Tablet to Mobile view by changing Advanced Settings in Nox.
  3. Let’s Turn on Developer Option by Clicking 3 or four times in Build number  [About Phone in Nox]
  4. Also Turn on USB Debugging [Developer Option]
  5. Final step is to run the adb command with ip address in command prompt. [adb resides in Nox’s bin folder]

adb  command [ run on command prompt]

nox_adb.exe connect

Optionaly you can create and run a batch file wich can be used to run Nox adb  with a single click. Please make sure your batch file resides in the same bin folder where Nox player file found.[Use right click Nox Player short Cut to find the location in Windows].

You can download the batch file from Github and move to the bin folder

  • Now Start the Android Studio
  • Also start the Noxplayer and Turn on Developer option
  • Run the adb
  • Try debug App in Adroid Studio and it will be start appearing in the device list, otherwise run the adb with Run as admin a and  try again


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